This introductory course MIKE ECO Lab will provide a general introduction to water quality and ecological modelling. The purpose of the project is to provide some guidance and examples on how to apply MIKE ECO Lab models and combine data and measurements in real life applications.

The course includes brief introduction to water quality modelling as such, and how to work with water quality models. In addition, a number of different models already exist for MIKE ECO Lab – models which assess the various challenges and at different levels of complexity. The course presents the different models and guides you in which model to choose for the specific purpose.

The course consists of a number of modules with presentations and hands-on exercises.

The objective of this web-based course is to provide an introduction to process modelling applying MIKE models. We will use MIKE ECO Lab as the main tool and through the course provide some insight in:

  • Where to use MIKE ECO Lab
  • How to use MIKE ECO Lab
  • How to get from observation to model setup?

The overall program of this web based course is devided into 5 modules

  • Module 1 – General introduction to MIKE ECO Lab modelling
  • Module 2 – Process modelling in MIKE ECO Lab
  • Module 3 – Existing MIKE ECO Lab models (templates)
  • Module 4 – Models and data
  • Module 5 – Introduction to advanced MIKE ECO Lab modelling

Anders Chr. Erichsen

1995 M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering
Technical University of Denmark
1998-? Biogeochemical modelling (VKI/DHI)
Senior Project Manager, Business development, RDI, MIKE ECO Lab development

Background in ecological modelling of fresh water systems and the marine environment. Extensive knowledge concerning 2- and 3-dimensional hydrodynamic and environmental problems including pycnocline modelling, algae blooms and oxygen depletion. Presently involved in real time modelling, forecasting and research utilising the 3-dimensional ecological model developed for the Danish waters. Responsible for development and evaluation of early warning systems for bathing water quality