Serious play – using Aqua Republica to enhance learning


In this course we will look at what is serious gaming and how it can be used to enhance learning as well as to introduce you to an educational game called Aqua Republica. We will also have a hands on exercise on how to play Aqua Republica to get you familiar with the tool and finally we will show and guide you on how you can use Aqua Republica to enhance your training or teaching experience.

We hope you enjoy the course and that you benefit from some of the information given in the lectures.

  • Facilitators or professionals who conducts water and environment related training courses or workshops
  • Teachers or professors who have an interest in using innovative tools as part of their teaching activities

This course consists of 4 modules and will cover the following topics

  • Module 1 – What is serious gaming and how it can enhance learning
  • Module 2- Introduction to the Aqua Republica initiative
  • Module 3 – Hands on activity with the Aqua Republica game
  • Module 4 – How to use Aqua Republica as part of a class or training activity

Mr. Chengzi Chew leads the serious gaming initiative at DHI. He started the Aqua Republica game platform in 2013 together with UNEP-DHI Partnership for Water and Environment and has worked with other organisations such as UNDP Cap-Net, German Ministry of Education and Research and Singapore Government to use game-based approaches to enhance IWRM education, capacity building as well as stakeholder engagement. Chengzi has also started the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge series where over 4000 students to date have participated and learnt about water management by competing and playing with a serious game.

Chengzi has a M.Sc. in Hydro-Informatics and Water Management and has a strong interest in utilising ICT to help solve water problems. Prior to leading the serious gaming initiative, he has worked in numerical modelling and software development in the field of water. Chengzi can be reached by or the following social media channels.


Twitter: @chengzichew