Our areas of expertise

To help solve the world’s toughest challenges in water environments

THE ACADEMY by DHI offers a palette of training courses and capacity building packages  across all our areas of technical expertise, such as aquaculture and agriculture, energy, climate change and flooding, coast and marine, surface and groundwater, urban water, industry,  environment and ecosystems, product safety and environmental risk.

Our course activities cover training in our (MIKE Powered by DHI) products and tools as well as thematic courses which allow you to apply concepts, applications and decision support principles to the entire business process.

With our skills development and capacity building activities, we make sure you are equipped to find and apply the appropriate solutions to your unique challenges.

Aquaculture and agriculture Supporting the expansion of sustainable food production on land and in water
Energy Meeting the world’s energy demands sustainably
Climate change and flooding Climate change impacts will hit us first through water
Coast and marine Working in harmony with nature
Surface and groundwater Water – a precious and finite resource
Urban water Urbanisation – the challenge of the century
Industry Innovating to increase resource efficiency and reduce industrial production risks
Environment and ecosystems Facilitating environmentally sustainable projects in water environments
Product safety and environmental risk Ensuring chemical regulatory compliance worldwide