Climate change and flooding

Climate change impacts will hit us first through water

The ACADEMY by DHI provides training courses and packages that enable you to develop flexible and robust strategies for adaptation to climate change and for handling various scenarios. Thus, we provide training relating to, for example, urban climate change, flooding of rivers, flood forecasting and early warning, coastal flooding and safe drinking water and planning. We also provide training in using our software tools to improve your activities related to flooding, thereby enabling you to choose optimal solutions to complex problems.

The climate is changing and becoming more uncertain. Some areas are bound to get wetter with more flooding and other places to become drier with a serious need of water.

Early warning and forecasting of floods is vital for future generations and crucial for efficient emergency response and contingency action planning. Water quality in general and the supply of safe drinking water in particular is deeply affected by climate change and flooding. Flexible management, tools and strategies are vital.

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