13 Jan 2015

Global knowledge sharing going live

Jose Rafael Meza Padilla learned about DHI and MIKE by DHI while he was preparing for his Master’s thesis. He recently finished a three-month internship at DHI, during which he worked with us to improve our knowledge of oceanographic modelling.

At DHI, we constantly strive to enhance the accuracy of Metocean data used for the design and operation of offshore and coastal structures. To help advance our knowledge within oceanographic modelling and provide valuable input into our research within this field, Jose Rafael Meza Padilla spent last autumn at DHI’s headquarters in Hørsholm, Denmark.

Rafael is about to finish his Master’s degree at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). He’s studying civil engineering with a specialisation in coastal engineering. When the opportunity for an internship arose through his supervisor, Rafael was working on his thesis, which focused on hurricanes and extreme events in the Gulf of Mexico.

Rafael’s work at DHI focused on assessing global ocean three-dimensional hindcast data and its use for downscaling purposes. The importance of three-dimensional currents is considered more and more by end-users, clients and engineers in the offshore business. Thus Rafael’s work has been a step forward towards this goal.

See Rafael’s interview to learn more about his internship at DHI:

Rafael will finish his MSc in the spring of 2015. Once done, he hopes to do a PhD financed by a scholarship from National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico. He also hopes to maintain links and collaborate with DHI. This would enable him to continue his important work on coastal and ocean modelling.