01 Dec 2015

Helping San Diego supply safe and reliable water

DHI was awarded a contract to develop a dynamic transient flow model for San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA).

We modelled SDCWA’s conveyance and distribution system, including but not limited to pipelines, hydraulic facilities, reservoirs and aqueducts, as well as relevant facilities of other local agencies that have a significant hydraulic influence on the SDCWA’s system.

SDCWA’s mission is to provide a safe and reliable water supply to its 24 member agencies in the region. Its member agencies – which include cities, districts and a military base – in turn provide this water to a USD 130 billion business economy and three million residents in San Diego County.

Because of the complexity of their hydraulic system, no standard off-the-shelf software could be used. SDCWA needed an up-to-date hydraulic model of their system and required an experience consultant to develop the hydraulic engine from which the updated model could be created.

We worked on this project in partnership with Flow Gradient Dynamics Inc. (FGD). FGD provided their numerical engine that was further enhanced as part of this project while DHI developed the software interface so that the engine could be used for model building, modelling, and result presentations. The result was an integrated software consisting of MIKE Powered by DHI’s MIKE URBAN – the software of choice when it comes to modelling and GIS for water in the city – and FGD’s hydraulic transient engine FGDHT.

The all-rounded hydraulic model is now used by SDCWA’s personnel and consultants in the planning, operation and maintenance of their water supply system. For more details on this project, please read our case story.

Construction of water transmission pipelines. © SDCWA