13 Mar 2015

Optimising waste water treatment plant operations using short-term measurements

Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are key infrastructures for ensuring proper protection of our environment. As plants are expensive to build and operate, plant managers and operators need to pay close attention to their performance to ensure they are in optimal working condition. However, lack of reliable data for aeration and process efficiency makes this a difficult task. To help overcome this problem, we developed a comprehensive mobile monitoring unit for short-term measurements at WWTPs.

At DHI, we have been developing and using online sensors for WWTPs for decades. Our extensive insight into sensor technology helps us gain reliable information about WWTP processes and facilitate this into process optimisation and energy savings.

With our new mobile WWTP monitoring unit, we check aeration efficiency and also monitor a range of other parameters in the process tank. The off-gas equipment is used for online measurements of nitrous oxide, flow and oxygen emissions. In combination with simultaneous monitoring of ammonia, nitrate, oxygen, pH and suspended solids, it provides a precise overview of the ongoing biological processes. By analysing this data, we can suggest the actions to be taken to improve aeration efficiency and oxygen uptake rate. Furthermore, the large amount of additional parameters that are monitored allows us to provide suggestions for plant optimisation. 

Measurements at more than 100 WWTPs have revealed potential cost savings or the need to change the aeration system. With a full plant evaluation, the cost savings will be even higher. Onsite measurements will help you pinpoint your challenges and potentially reduce your carbon footprint through better operation processes. 

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