24 Mar 2015

Successfully completed training course on innovations related to green cities

Ten participants from universities, consultancies, and water utilities in Denmark and Sweden took part in the one-day course entitled ‘Modelling of storm water for green cities – Methods and structures’.

Cities need to be able to quantify and document the effects of introducing green infrastructure, especially when it comes to: 
  • climate change adaptation options
  • improving water quality in receiving bodies
  • rainwater harvesting in cities with water shortage

‘Today, many city planners and water utilities strive towards integrating the entire urban water cycle into urban planning’, says Morten Just Kjølby, one of our senior engineers and a course trainer. ‘Our course aims to facilitate this development’.

As part of the course, which took place on Thursday, 12 March 2015 at our headquarters in Hørsholm, Denmark, participants received an introduction to:
  • different approaches to modelling various types of green infrastructure in MIKE URBAN
  • the effect of green infrastructure on different types of storm events 

The course covered all types of green infrastructure practices at the local level, including bio-retention cells, rain gardens, green roofs, infiltration trenches, permeable pavements, rain barrels, and vegetative swales. 

Participants also discussed storm water quality and modelling as well as storm water quality treatment options. In addition, they learned more about some of the features that will be included in the upcoming MIKE Powered by DHI Release 2016, which is scheduled for later this year. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn more about the new options in MIKE designed to speed up their simulations at our User Group Meeting in Hørsholm, Denmark 5-6 May 2015.

This course will run again at DHI Headquarters 21-22 October 2015 as an extended two-day course with more hands-on exercises based on the new features in MIKE Release 2016. ‘This course will also be available in other regions in 2015 through our international network of DHI offices’, says Henriette Tamasauskas, Vice President, THE ACADEMY by DHI.