17 Apr 2015

DHI Turkey conducts second MIKE FLOOD training course due to high interest

Held 1-3 April 2015, the course, ‘MIKE FLOOD – 1D and 2D Integrated River Flood Modelling’, took place at the Middle East Technical University (METU) Technopark in Ankara, Turkey.

Following the success of the first event held earlier this year by THE ACADEMY by DHI, a second MIKE FLOOD training course was organised due to high interest, especially from academia and government – a result of recent flooding events in Turkish cities.

Through a mix of lectures and hands-on exercises, participants learnt about MIKE Powered by DHI’s MIKE FLOOD software, a complete modelling package that allows users to model, analyse, and understand a wide range of flooding problems.

Topics covered include:
  • one-dimensional (1D) river and channel modelling
  • two-dimensional (2D) overland flow modelling
  • coupling of 1D and 2D models
  • 1D-2D linkage options
  • a solution provided to Turkey’s State Hydraulic Works (Devlet Su İşleri, also known as DSI) for a flood mapping project

Attended by 17 people from various consultancy companies, governmental agencies, and universities, the course was extremely well received. In particular, participants were impressed by the high quality of our trainers, and the comprehensive programme which familiarised users with the MIKE FLOOD software.

A few of the participants share their experience:

‘I am very pleased with the content of the course. I have attended many different courses on modelling but this was the most effective one. The attitude and know-how of the trainers is the difference for DHI.’
Sena Acar, Civil Engineer, TEMELSU

‘Thanks to DHI Turkey team who were able to explain the modelling concepts in MIKE FLOOD effectively.’
N. Göksu Soydan, Civil Engineer, Cukurova University

‘Thanks to the step-by-step training materials provided in our local language, the course was very easy to follow.’
Ahmet Murat Özaltın, Civil Engineer, General Directorate of Water Management 

‘I am very happy to have attended this course! I would strongly recommend to you to catch the next one.’
Aytaç Aşık, Civil Engineer

For more information on upcoming courses and tailored courses, please contact mikebydhi.tr@dhigroup.com.