10 Sep 2015

Copenhagen enjoys cleaner water with DHI’s Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling

The transportation of large amounts of sewage towards a central water treatment plant requires careful planning and engineering. This is a key responsibility for HOFOR, the company responsible for Copenhagen’s wastewater treatment. Facing a critical bottleneck in transport capacity at wastewater pumping station Kløvermarksvej, HOFOR and its general advisor on the project, Krüger A/S, decided to turn to DHI for a solution to their challenge.

Wastewater pumping station Kløvermarksvej is a complicated hub where wastewater is collected from several trunks and pumped using up to eight large pumps. Pumping station Kløvermarksvej will become the largest sewage pumping station in Denmark when completed in 2018. HOFOR and Krüger A/S asked us at a short notice for technical advice on flow, residence times and other detailed quantitative hydraulic design information on the hub.

A dedicated task force made up of DHI specialists, Krüger A/S and HOFOR was formed. Using DHI’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling software as a rapid development workbench, we were able to establish the interactive design process with accurate and illustrative hydraulic simulation results.

Example of a preliminary flow pattern model in the pumping station. © DHI

An example is shown above where the proposed pumping station layout is visualised with streamlines and velocity contours. These visualisations enabled identification of weaknesses in the design, causing swirling flow at the pump suctions. Based on these results, we proposed an optimised design in collaboration with Krüger A/S and HOFOR, leading to improved flow conditions.   

DHI’s task leader Bjarne Jensen, our Hydraulic Research Engineer, says, ‘Having the best agile tools available and a close focused communication with the clients during all stages of the project has enabled us to solve this tough water challenge at a very short notice.’

Based on DHI’s CFD models, HOFOR and Krüger A/S will now proceed with the design of this critical infrastructure, ensuring cleaner water for the citizens of Copenhagen now and in the future.

Example of a preliminary high-flow velocities model inside the pumping station. © DHI