25 Sep 2015

DHI presents latest model development for sediment spill calculations at international conference

A delegation from DHI’s Coastal and Estuarine Department (CED) participated in the 13th International Conference on Cohesive Sediment Transport Processes (INTERCOH) to present the latest development within sediment spill and mud transport modelling.

The event was held 7 to 11 September 2015 in Belgium and was attended by top scientists and significant engineering companies like Deltares and HR Wallingford.

DHI’s research and project engineer Sina Saremi presented the latest development in MIKE 3 and the supplementary Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capabilities available at DHI to study plume flow and the spreading of spilled matter in the environment. Over the last couple of years, a number of new model techniques have been developed for seamless integration of the near-field plume flow induced by overflows from hoppers during dredging operations, and the far-field regional spreading model to study the fate of the spilled sedimentary material.

The presentation was well received and a general impression from the conference was that DHI remains one of the leading companies within the field.

‘Our continuous effort to improve our modelling techniques is a crucial factor in DHI’s ability to be a significant player in the market. To stay visible also on the academic scene is our way to make sure that our products and services within CFD are of the highest quality possible’, says Nils Drønen, Head of Innovation in CED.

An example of DHI’s advanced CFD computations of the sediment spill plume from the barge overflow during  peration. © DHI