01 Oct 2015

Sneak preview of what’s new in the upcoming MIKE 2016 release

At the end of this year, we will be releasing the 2016 version of the MIKE Powered by DHI software suite. Here’s a sneak preview of what the new release has to offer.

What can you expect from MIKE 2016?

In addition to the numerous key features users have come to appreciate from our software products through continuous developments, MIKE 2016 includes many new features, improvements, and additional new products.

MIKE 2016 addresses specific needs for tools to accurately model, simulate, and make informed decisions related to water challenges that significantly affect environment and society. In this new release, we offer new features and improvements focusing on green infrastructure, climate change, shoreline evolution, mining, and management of groundwater quantity and quality.

The upcoming release also offers three new products: MIKE INFO, MIKE OPERATIONS and MIKE PLANNING. Combined, they form a data management and decision support suite which easily integrates with your existing MIKE products as well as other water modelling systems and data management solutions.

These are just some of the new features and improvements you can expect in MIKE 2016:

  • support design, construction, and maintenance related to green infrastructure 
  • introducing the next generation river modelling
  • new possibilities for 2D shoreline evolution modelling
  • new option for 3D unstructured meshing in groundwater modelling
  • new tools for improved flood modelling and flood screening 
  • significant speed improvements in our 1D numerical simulation engines
  • and much more…

For a sneak preview of what’s new in the upcoming release, check out the 

MIKE 2016 release preview

Attend a MIKE 2016 release webinar to learn more

If you want to know more, or talk with our experts about the upcoming release, you can sign up for one of our webinars. They are scheduled to cover five different areas of application as well as different locations and time zones. You can find the webinars on the preview page via the link above.

For questions about licence options, renewal of service and maintenance agreements, or upgrading existing software, please contact our Client Care.