08 Mar 2016

BIOFOS appoints DHI to implement integrated data information and management system

BIOFOS – the largest wastewater utility in Denmark – has appointed DHI to deliver a data management system to help improve the operational efficiency of its wastewater collection, transport and treatment.

The wastewater utility services 1.2 million people and a large number of industries in Greater Copenhagen. Wastewater from a total of eight utility companies in 15 municipalities is treated at BIOFOS´ three plants. The entire system is connected by large interceptor sewers and the treatment plants produce more than 50 GWh of energy every year. 

In a continued effort to improve its operations, BIOFOS has taken the first steps towards a fully integrated system, balancing the loads on the sewers, plants and receiving waters. This includes establishing a data integration and information management system across the eight connected sewer utility companies and the three plants. 

DHI has been appointed to deliver this data management system. The system will collect all online key data from the municipal supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and the plants. The data will then be stored in a large time series data base – DIMS.CORE – and displayed in a web portal, configured for specific use. The user views will include overview maps, time series and trend curves, displayed as web-pages which can also be assessed from mobile devices. The web portal is based on MIKE Powered by DHI’s MIKE OPERATIONS software. Data – for example, from simulations of combined sewer overflow or flood risks – can easily be retrieved for further analysis with MIKE URBAN and MIKE FLOOD.

The system will be implemented in 2016 in close collaboration with BIOFOS and the utilities. 

Drainage canal in the BIOFOS catchment. Focus is on the reduction of combined sewer overflow. © DHI