12 May 2016

DHI hosts the Young CEDA Commission’s meeting

DHI contributes to ensuring good environmental conditions for marine works through collaboration with CEDA

DHI is a CEDA Corporate Member has recently welcomed members of the Young CEDA Commission to the DHI office close to Copenhagen. Members were welcomed by staff from DHI– Dr Ida Brøker, member of the CEDA Board, Klavs Bundgaard member of the CEDA Environment Commission, Anders Jensen, former CEDA President and Sina Saremi, member of Young CEDA Commission.

In her welcome speech, Dr Brøker underlined the common goal of CEDA and DHI which is to ‘contribute to the development of a new generation of engineers within water and environment through university collaborations and international experts for a development of national and international research projects and the design of curricula, seminars and workshops.’ 

The meeting was convened to discuss events for the year. These events reflect the mission of Young CEDA, which seeks to create a platform for young professionals to express and present their interest in the dredging industry as well as to create networking opportunities for them with older and more experienced dredging colleagues.

Some of the events in the line-up include site visits of offshore wind projects in Belgium, dredging related activities in the Port of Hamburg in Germany, a seminar with the title ‘Thames as a highway for river traffic’ in London, United Kingdom, an  excursion to Royal IHC where a new jumbo cutter suction dredger and a dual fuel engine trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) are being constructed – as well as course lectures conducted by DHI professionals and Technical University of Denmark (DTU) lecturers in collaboration.

DHI has been a very active member and contributor to the CEDA network for a number of years. Recently, our team has supported CEDA in the publication of a new Information Paper on the subject of monitoring and providing a concise guide to show its clear benefits to dredging.

Young CEDA Commission members at DHI © DHI

About young CEDA 

CEDA (Central Dredging Association) is an established authority and the leading independent forum for the professional dredging community and associated industries, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. CEDA represents dredging professionals and organisations, from government, academia and business, in the region. We foster and promote the understanding and advancement of dredging to the wider community.

Young CEDA gives young CEDA members from all over the world easy access to a unique network of young professionals in the field of dredging, representing research institutes, universities, industry, governmental authorities and consultants. Young CEDA provides members with plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas, gain new technical insights, and expand networks with valuable new contacts to enhance their careers. 

Young CEDA actively participates in the organization of the CEDA Dredging Days, seminars and national meetings but also organizes its own activities. Above all, Young CEDA helps to carry out the CEDA mission and objectives and is an ambassador for the dredging profession in general.