05 May 2016

GlobWetland Africa Review meeting in DHI Gras headquarters

DHI Gras has recently held a System Requirements Review (SRR) meeting for the GlobWetland Africa at its headquarters in Hørsholm, Denmark. Participants include members of the User Advisory group who were appointed to represent the user community within the project and who will also be key to the successful roll-out of the project. Other participants include representatives from Ramsar, the European Space Agency (ESA) and 12 participants from the project consortium.

GlobWetland Africa is an initiative which aims to provide Earth Observation (EO) methods and tools for major organisations involved in the implementation of the Ramsar Convention Wetlands in Africa. The Ramsar convention is an inter-governmental treaty which provides framework for national actions and international cooperation for the conservation and wise usage of wetlands.

The main objectives of the meeting were threefold:

  1. To consolidate the output of ‘user requirements’ phase which has been underway since project kick-off 
  2. To collect feedback on the technical reviews of the software toolbox and the suite of EO products to be developed and produced within the project
  3. To finalise the selection of test sites (for method development and testing) and create a preliminary list of possible pilot sites for subsequent larger scale demonstrations 

The SRR meeting represents the first Milestone of GlobWetland Africa and successfully concludes the requirements engineering phase of the project. The next phase will focus on toolbox engineering which is the documenting and prototyping of the software architecture as well as the design engineering results which are related to the implementation of end-to-end processing chains for all wetland information products to be provided.

Group Photo of the GlobWetland Africa review meeting participants. ©Ramsar