15 Jun 2016

The world celebrates Global Wind Day 2016

Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on 15 June. Organised by WindEurope (previously European Wind Energy Association, EWEA) and Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Global Wind Day is a day that marks the importance of wind energy and a day to discover the potentials and possibilities of wind power.

DHI has been the pioneer in offshore wind technology since 1991 when the world’s first offshore wind farm was constructed in Denmark. Since then, DHI has been involved in hundreds of developments worldwide.

In one of our recent contributions to the wind energy field, DHI Denmark’s test facilities were used for the inaugural testing of a scale model offshore floating wind turbine commissioned by the European Union INNWIND project that aims at developing future standards for floating wind energy production.

DHI Denmark’s deep-water model test facility © DHI

Our technology and expertise in wind energy has also been used effectively in more than 85% of commissioned European offshore wind farms.

The innovative and efficient methodologies and tools we use to support the offshore renewable industry are at the forefront of our fields. As such, our scientifically-based specialist services will continue to assist our clients in finding and developing fast, safe, solid and cost-efficient solutions. 

Learn more about how we support offshore wind farms through optimising their design and operations with our tools and software.

Tune in to our new Tech Talk on Computational Fluid Dynamics to see how our tools help designers of offshore wind support structures in challenging water environments.