25 Jul 2016

A new integrated flood early warning system in Turkey to be developed by DHI

The General Directorate for State Hydraulic Works (DSI) signed a contract with DHI Turkey on July 15 to embark on a new project for a flood early warning system. Its fruition will result in the first integrated and real-time flood early warning system in Turkey. This state-of-the-art warning system aims to mitigate the impacts of flood events which include damages to properties and loss of lives.

DSI is a governmental institution responsible for the utilisation of all water resources in Turkey. Over the past 20 years, flood events in Turkey have led to disastrous consequences; 600 flood events during that period has caused 500 lives lost and great damages to properties. With a flood forecasting system, the timing and severity of a flood event due to extreme weather conditions or seasonal precipitation and snowmelt process can be predicted. Implementation of such a system that can estimate flood inundation and map risk areas is crucial in providing an alert system that allows precautions and disaster measures to be rolled out faster and more efficiently.

Using MIKE Powered by DHI’s software suite for data management, decision support and operational forecasting, the flood early warning system will incorporate a hydrological model that can estimate and chart water flow. Flood inundation and risk maps created from data provided by the hydrological model will be visualised on a web domain application software which will serve as an early warning system to alert operators.

‘Our fundamental aim in this pioneer project in Turkey is to develop an integrated and real time flood early warning system that can help save lives and properties during flood events.’ – Dr. Serdar Sürer, Managing Director of DHI Turkey

DHI and DSI staff at the contract signing for the development of a new integrated flood early warning system © DHI