18 Jul 2016

We congratulate Simon Brandi Mortensen on becoming one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Innovative Engineers in 2016

Our expert engineer, Simon Brandi Mortensen has achieved top accolade conferred by Engineer’s Australia, the largest and most diverse professional body for engineers in the country. Awarded one of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers of 2016, Simon Mortensen, head of department for coastal and marine in DHI Australia, has been acknowledged for his contributions in ship grounding risk mitigation. The awards have been set up to recognize and celebrate outstanding engineers who have made noteworthy contributions to the community, the industry as well as their profession.

Simon Mortensen has been awarded the commendation due to the work he has done with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. For the project, Simon and his team has designed and developed a highly sophisticated system that models the grounding risk of large ships of the coast of Australia. The Vessel Drift Model allows a significantly more precise development of optimum vessel route planning and emergency response strategies.

With the system, resources can be utilised more cost effectively to minimize grounding events from occurring, and to potentially avert environmental catastrophes.

‘There are about 250,000 registered engineers in Australia, so being considered among the 50 most innovative is a very humbling experience. Yet, it is crucial to keep in mind that the drifting vessel project would never had been successful if it was not for the fantastic contribution of the entire 13 people in the AU-MAR (Australia, Marine) team and highly gifted contributing specialists from DHI-SG and DHI-DK.’ – Simon Brandi Mortensen, Head of Marine, DHI Australia  

We are very proud of Simon Mortensen for his achievements and thrilled that Engineers Australia has acknowledged his contributions and expertise in the field of marine engineering. Congratulations Simon!

Simon Brandi Mortensen from DHI Australia has been awarded one of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers
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