08 Aug 2016

Delivering solutions to various water challenges with DHI’s services

DHI is offering three new solutions to better share our knowledge in the field of water. With over 50 years of experiences and expertise working with water, we have developed new tools and mechanisms to support our future clients solve their water challenges.

We highlight our three most recent service offerings:

DHI offers a range of services to support the shipping industry and the Port State Control (PSC) authorities in meeting international and national regulations. These regulations include the Vessel General Permit (VGP) from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA), ballast water regulation from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the internal convention on ballast water by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

DHI staff analysing samples on Gas Chromatograph Mass Selective Detector (GC/MSD)
© DHI 

DHI offers industry operators the know-how to improve water efficiency through our water audits as well as implementation of water and cost-efficient wastewater treatment solutions. Due to the increasing water consumption in wastewater treatments and the rising impact of such processes on the environment, DHI’s water audit service helps industry operators assess their water use and recommend as well as design cost-effective solutions for water-efficient processes.

DHI uses clamp-on flow sensors to measure discharge in non-metered pipes in order to determine flow rate in water consumption and discharge. © DHI

DHI offers chemical substances and ballast water treatment manufacturers standardised ecotoxicological tests to assist in the determining of potential effects of chemicals, products and effluents on the aquatic ecosystems. We also provide customised studies concerning biodegradability, toxicity and bio-accumulation of chemical substances and products. In our assessment, we determine how these substances would adversely affect the aquatic organisms that which they would be introduced into and whether the effects can be mitigated.

 DHI tests substances onto aquatic organisms such as the acartia tonsa to see the effects of such substances on them © DHI

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