13 Oct 2016

10-years jubilee at DHI Poland – Our commitment to adding value and knowledge in the field of water environments in Poland

This year, DHI Poland celebrated their 10 years anniversary, joined by other members of the global DHI offices. The celebration marked a successful 10-years of sharing knowledge and expertise in the field of water to the Poland market.

Held at the XIX century Zegrzyński Palace, the celebratory event which was held recently, captured the jubilant atmosphere, as well as a hopeful one as staff discussed the trajectory of DHI in providing solutions to Poland’s challenges in water.

The celebrations also honoured several of DHI’s staff who have contributed to the development of DHI Poland. This included Evzen Zeman, former CEE Cluster Director, for his great leadership and critical input towards the success of DHI Poland, as well as other experts around DHI offices in Denmark and Czech Republic.

Members from DHI Poland celebrating 10 years of solving Poland’s challenges in water environments. © DHI
As DHI Poland gears up for the next phase of its growth, we look forward to continue to share our expertise and solutions to a wider reach in Poland. DHI is currently serving the Poland community in the urban, marine, water resources and industry fields. Key areas of specialisation include environmental management, risk management, operational forecasting and decision support systems to better solve Poland's challenges in water environments.

Look through our areas of expertise and get on board as we endeavour to continue sharing our knowledge and solutions in the field of water.

‘The last 10 years was an extremely exciting journey leading to the development of a strong business with great perspectives. I really enjoyed watching the professional progress of our young staff usually from graduate level to well established experts in the field of water. As we continue our journey, I am excited to share more of our technology and know-how to Poland in the years to come’- Jan Kwiatkowski, Managing Director, DHI Poland