22 May 2017

Ensuring sustainable aquaculture production in Chile

A successful technology transfer story

The aquaculture industry in Chile is the third largest in the world, making up 12% of global production. 

However, the 1,500 farms of its main farming species – the Atlantic Salmon – are located right within the Patagonian fjord ecosystem.

The Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (IFOP) needed a way to ensure long-term aquaculture production and preserve natural resources at the same time.

As a result, the IFOP implemented DHI’s technology in their solution. The successful technology transfer helped in the setting up of new government laws and regulations for the industry, enabling IFOP to guarantee industry interests while protecting the natural resources of the Patagonian fjord ecosystem.

Read the full online case story to see how they did it.

The aquaculture production market in Chile is worth 4,000 million USD a year. © Shutterstock / Marcelodlt