14 Jul 2017

Promoting the use of technology to resolve water challenges

UNEP-DHI in partnership to develop capacity for improved water management

Many new technologies, such as smartphones, drones, satellites and innovative decision support systems, are game-changers in improving water use efficiency and increasing food production. They are all readily available, but not exactly widely utilised. One of the main challenges to getting these technologies more widely applied is simply making people aware of what is available and how they can use it.

To enable more awareness, UNEP-DHI is working with Cap-Net, European Space Agency, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and other partners on a new initiative to promote the use of technology for improved water management. 

The initiative, named Cap-Tec, aims to address this situation by providing tools to help thousands integrate new technologies into water management. With a presence in 110 countries, the initiative focuses on the sustainable use of water in a changing climate. Its focus areas:

  • Raising awareness, knowledge, competence and skills
  • Enabling innovative and universally accessible capacity development
  • Bridging the information gap
  • Sharing knowledge

Once in place, this programme will enable clients to be better informed on the technologies available, understand the benefits, and learn how they can be applied to solve their water challenges. 

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Watch this video to know more about Cap-Tec.