14 Nov 2017

New MetOcean Data Portal provides instant global data and analytics

Nearly 40 years of wind, wave, water level and current data now available

No longer spend weeks getting, analysing and reporting your Metocean data. With the launch of DHI’s MetOcean Data Portal, instant access to worldwide Metocean data and analytics is now a reality.

The portal allows users to download and validate nearly 40 years of Metocean data, including wind, wave, water level and current data – faster than ever before.

The speed and accuracy will greatly benefit users who need reliable data for design and project development purposes.

DHI MetOcean Data Portal

Four main reasons to use the portal

  • Instantly access worldwide Metocean data
  • Retrieve data from high-resolution local or regional models, to global coverage datasets
  • Download on-demand calculations of commonly requested analytics
  • Be assured with continuously-improving Metocean data

The MetOcean Data Portal is based on extensive wave and hydrodynamic modelling using MIKE Powered by DHI software. Before purchasing the data, users are able to request for site-specific validation of wind and wave data against satellite altimeter measurements.

Access the portal

Take a quick tour and watch a video presentation now:

Or try out the MetOcean Data Portal now at: www.metocean-on-demand.com*

*Best viewed using Google Chrome