23 Mar 2018

DHI's GlobalSea helps Danish surfer achieve world record

Forecast tool provides highly accurate Metocean data for safe navigation at sea

GlobalSea Danish Winner

Photo: Jens nøRgaard Larsen © Scanpix 

Professional athlete and 4-time SUP (stand up paddle) world champion Casper Steinfath has made history by being the first person in the world to paddle across the Skagerrak Sea. An arduous 18.5 hours and 136.8 km journey through cold, open ocean waters from Denmark to Norway. 

He attributed his achievement to both physical and mental strength with special mention of DHI’s GlobalSea Metocean forecast model. 

'Without GlobalSea from DHI I could not have crossed Skagerrak as the first person ever on an SUP board', says Casper Steinfath.  

'Crossing Skagerrak on SUP as the first person ever required both physical and mental strength. The mental strength for me was to understand how wind, currents and waves would develop and affect my course. GlobalSea from DHI gave me the tools to find a safe course through a wild sea!' 

Congratulations Casper, from all of us at DHI! 

About GlobalSea 

GlobalSea is DHI’s powerful cloud-based Metocean forecast model that combines the strengths of our detailed 3D regional Metocean models with state-of-the-art floating vessel response capabilities.  

Originally developed for automatic detecting and forecasting of large vessel drift for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, GlobalSea provides highly accurate and flexible operational solutions for forecasting the behaviour of floating objects at sea. In order to assist Casper Steinfath in his world record achievement, GlobalSea drew upon the strengths of DHIs highly detailed 3D NorthSea model, which has been developed by the DHI Waterforecast Group and has provided detailed regional forecasts for this area for decades.  

To date, GlobalSea has provided important on-demand decision support during many large vessel break down incidents in the Great Barrier Reef and Southern Ocean and most recently assisted a 4-time SUP world champion in his safe crossing of the challenging Skagerrak Sea.