25 Apr 2018

Service Pack 2 for MIKE 2017 now available

We have now released Service Pack 2 (SP 2) for MIKE 2017, which includes updates, performance enhancements, fixes and improvements.

Service Pack 2 MIKE 2017

SP 2 brings enhanced stability as well as a number of added elements across our MIKE 2017 software products. A quick summary of some of the updates include:

  • MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis: Over 40 additional scalable vessel hulls for high-accurate mooring analyses now available for purchase. Read more
  • MIKE HYDRO: Improved simulation of hydropower operations for MIKE HYDRO Basin. GUI for 2D Tabulated Structures now available for MIKE HYDRO River along with other improvements.
  • MIKE FLOOD: Added tool for exporting river embankment lines to xyz files
  • MIKE SHE: Various new features added to smoothen the workflow
  • MIKE OPERATIONS: Ability to access a library of scripts to leverage the work of the user community; web improvements and enhanced functions in MIKE Workbench
  • APIs and License System: Secondary internet license server to step in when primary internet license server goes offline – to increase uptime of the internet license server

Learn more about the new features here.

In addition, SP2 includes minor fixes and performance enhancements, designed to improve your experience with MIKE 2017 products


To download SP2, go to the MIKE 2017 Service Pack page and select your product of choice.

Across our many products, we continue to release updates to ensure that you have access to the latest features and a great experience with MIKE 2017.

If you have questions about SP2, please contact your local DHI office or the Customer Success Team.