30 Jun 2019

Real-time system for managing sewerage operations in Italy now in place

A real-time decision support system (DSS) for the sewerage network of ‘Orientale Goriziano’ in Italy has been established in May 2019, a year after the launch of the project.

The DSS is part of a wider project to overhaul the entire sewerage system. The objective was to centralise the operations of three sewerage systems – Gorizia, Gradisca and Staranzano – into one. Our client Irisacqua decided to plan an enhancement that would convey the wastewater of all three plants into Staranzano – and for the other two plants to be decommissioned. The wastewater from the decommissioned plants, Gorizia and Gradisca, would be directed into Staranzano, thanks to a low-pressure trunk sewer. Staranzano would then send the treated water into the Adriatic Sea.

The main goals of the project were to:
• reduce environmental pressure on the receiving water, mainly the River Isonzo and Panzano Bay, due to WWTP discharges; and
• lower management costs

To coordinate this new and complex system, a DSS based on MIKE Powered by DHI technologies was implemented. The DSS is able to support optimal management strategies according to observed and forecasted data in real-time. These management strategies include the possibility to temporarily store part of the water coming from Gorizia and Gradisca when significant meteorological events occur, and to direct discharges to Staranzano to reduce the spillway’s releases.

The system is now operating in real-time and IrisAcqua is now able to monitor and control their entire water system – including precipitation, discharges and remote-control data – both in desktop or mobile mode.

This solution was completed in partnership with Sistemi Territoriali.

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