13 Nov 2019

DHI assists Danish surfer in winning one of the most extreme SUP paddle races in the world

DHI’s GlobalSea forecast provides Danish surfer, Casper Steinfath, with the required data to safely and efficiently navigate extreme ocean conditions in SUP paddle race.

It is not every day you get to personally inspect the accuracy of your GlobalSea weather forecast. Casper Steinfath traverses an estimated 6 m high wave during the 2019 Heavy Water SUP Championship in San Francisco.

DHI’s high resolution metocean forecast service, GlobalSea, has assisted Danish surfer and multiple SUP world champion, Casper Steinfath, in winning the most extreme and dangerous SUP paddle race for the 2nd time in San Francisco. The GlobalSea provided a 7-day detailed forecast of currents and waves through the entire San Francisco bay and offshore areas. This allowed Casper to find the best route through the course with waves reaching up to 6-7 meters in height. 

'Conquering the treacherous currents and waves on the 9-mile course from downtown SF under the Golden Gate past Lands End to Ocean Beach is a daunting task. I was honestly terrified. But thanks to the GlobalSea model from DHI, I was able to find a safe and effective path through the "jungle of angry water". They gave me the needed data and information to make my strategic decisions and break the field of athletes to claim the crown. I could not have done it without them on my team', emphasises Casper Steinfath, 4x World SUP Champion.

During the days leading up to the competition, GlobalSea provided detailed 7-day forecasts of surface currents, winds speeds and wave heights for the entire San Francisco Bay area. Data and information were updated updated every 12-hours. Throughout the competition, significant wave heights (average height of the highest one-third of all waves measured) were predicted to reach 3.5 meters, which corresponded to maximum wave heights reaching almost 7 meters.

A new dimension to DHI’s GlobalSea forecast service

Originally, the GlobalSea is developed to deliver metocean forecasts serving commercial maritime operators. However, in cases such as this, one could say that the forecast service has developed an additional dimension to the way in which the product can be used.

'GlobalSea is designed to provide highly accurate metocean forecasts of ports and ships in complex water ways and later on oil spill forecasting. Extending its use to also support the performance and safety of the world’s best watermen, GlobalSea offered a whole new dimension of nerve wrecking and heart-warming experiences. You just cannot afford to be wrong in such extreme ocean conditions', explains Simon Mortensen, Managing Director, SPOPX-DHI.

On behalf of DHI we would like to congratulate Casper Steinfath for his incredible win at the Red Bull Heavy Water 2019. We are extremely honoured to be able to support Casper in this truly great achievement.

Further information

For additional information on how DHI’s GlobalSea powers our online Oil Spill Prediction Service visit https://www.mikepoweredbydhi.com/areas-of-application/coast-and-sea/globalsea-oil-spill

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