26 Nov 2019

MIKE 2020 is out and ready for download

Take your water modelling capabilities to the next level.

The much-anticipated MIKE 2020 Release is out and contains several notable functionality enhancements across the MIKE Powered by DHI software suite. Download today to make sure you get your hands on all the new functionality updates. 

What’s new?

Get a quick overview of the MIKE 2020 Release in the highlights below. 

  • Introducing the new 2D Overland Module and several other updates in MIKE URBAN+
  • Improved features and new modules in WEST 

  • Experience powerful graphic processing acceleration when running flexible mesh models
  • New valuable integrations and enhanced visualisation in marine software products and tools

  • Extended Phyton interface support, real-time decision-making and much more will make life easier for inland water professionals


  • Discover how the new MIKE FM adaptor allows users to implement forecasting based on existing model and monitoring data

Helpful information
All updates and improvements: Check out and learn more about all the functionality updates in the MIKE 2020 Release.

Download: Visit the main page to download the latest version of your MIKE application. 

Installation guide: Find relevant information on how to download and install the MIKE 2020 Release. 

Contact us: If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to get in touch.