17 Jan 2020

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Water Summit: A splash for a sustainable future

This week a group of water professionals from around the world teamed up in Copenhagen, Denmark, to discuss possible solutions to some of the toughest urban water challenges.


On 15 and 16 January 2020 an extensive group of international water experts and scientists, including DHI’s Technical Director of Emerging Technologies, Henrik Madsen, put their heads together at a summit to identify the biggest urban water challenges, and discuss how research can contribute to solving these pressing issues. The summit was a joint initiative by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and DHI with the aim to figure out how to better cope with the water challenges we are currently facing. 

'The need is greater than ever. Today, there is a lot of talk about greenhouse gases, but the way we are affected by climate change is, in many cases, through water. We see this as a result of changes in rain patterns as well as natural disasters. As a global society, we are still far from solving these challenges', says Antoine Labrosse, CEO at DHI. 

Want to know what was discussed at the conference?
The participants at the conference have been focusing their efforts on topics such as sustainable water supplies, the threat of micropollutants, wastewater treatment, circular economy as well as water management in developing countries.

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