01 Apr 2020

Country-wide catchment-level water resources management and integrated basin planning in Kenya

MIKE Powered by DHI software supports water resources specialists in Kenya to develop country-wide water resources management and integrated basin plans.

Kenya's six basins

Kenya’s Water Resources Authority (WRA) is strengthening its capacities to deliver on its mandate for water resource management and regulation in the country. This effort is supported through an implementation support consultancy (ISC), which includes a consortium of nine international and local firms led by Aurecon AMEI. The project scope comprises of:

  1. Water resources knowledge base development 
  2.  Modernisation of the hydro-meteorological data collection network
  3. Basin plans and sub-catchment management plans development
  4. Short term and seasonal flow forecasting and development of analytical tools
  5. Diverse institutional capacity strengthening activities

DHI’s responsibilities in this project include developing the knowledge base, supporting basin planning works for all six basins of Kenya, supporting the development of the flow forecasting system, providing and implementing the necessary MIKE Powered by DHI software products and tools, and training of WRA staff.

Integrated basin planning with MIKE Workbench

The project study area covers the entire country of Kenya, which is divided into six basins. These basins have a total of 260 catchments. A planning and decision framework has been developed in order to harmonise all basin plans. The framework contains criteria for scenario definitions, scenario comparisons and evaluations of water resources development, and management interventions. The decision framework is implemented with DHI’s decision support system (DSS), MIKE Workbench. The DSS enables decision makers to compare and evaluate different scenario combinations using multi-criteria analyses (MCA) that allow for transparent analyses of economic, social and environmental aspects of basin developments.

The integrated surface water resources models simulate water availability, demands and movement of water through river networks and water infrastructure. The water balance and allocation models are developed with MIKE Hydro Basin and the rainfall-runoff models are developed with NAM, DHI’s rainfall-runoff modelling software. The purpose of the water resources simulation modelling work is to deliver tools and knowledge for determining the natural, current and future surface water balance of all 260 catchments in Kenya. The modelling work also provides a basis for assessing the impacts of future development opportunities and future water allocation plans. Thus, providing a sound basis for the development of integrated water resource management and development plans for Kenya’s six basins.

Sustaining country-wide water resources management and planning

On the one hand, this integrated approach allows for the development of a country-wide coherent decision support framework for water resources management and planning for 260 catchments in Kenya. On the other hand, the MIKE Powered by DHI software enables the planners and modellers to carry out their work efficiently and in a standardised manner. With the framework and software, WRA’s decision makers and technical staff have an appropriate set of tools and methods to maintain their water resources management plans in the future.

For further information, contact:

Oluf Zeilund Jessen
Head of Water Resources Department

Mekuria Beyene
Water Resources Systems Engineer