18 May 2020

MIKE 2020 Update 1 now ready for download

We’re levelling up – so you can too

Ready to improve the quality of your models, reduce simulation time and enjoy the added features of your MIKE software? Download MIKE 2020 Update 1 today. Here are all the major updates you can expect in this release: 


  • New module for simple river modelling
  • More intuitive modelling of collection systems and rivers
  • Ability to describe biochemical in-sewer processes


  • Boost your model performance with GPU acceleration
  • Simulate multi-layered dynamic processes in areas with multi-fraction sediments
  • Easier downscaling from global to regional to local areas


  • New representation of buildings and roads
  • Better roughness definition and workflow
  • Improved storage definition and workflow

Find out what else is new and level up now!

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