07 Jul 2020

City of Gold Coast selected by Swedish Innovation Agency to receive funding for Future City Flow

The funding will be utilised to implement real-time control in the sewerage network for more efficient operations.


After an international search, the City of Gold Coast in Australia has been selected by the Swedish Innovation Agency (VINNOVA) as one of two water utilities to receive funding to implement DHI’s Future City Flow solution internationally.  Future City Flow is a web-based decision support system that allows water utilities and operators to execute weather adapted control strategies to help ensure wastewater is contained in pipes, sewage treatment plants (STPs) and green infrastructure. By integrating weather forecasts, real-time data and predictive modelling technology into an easy to use online system, Future City Flow empowers the water utility to effectively reduce infiltration inflow, flooding and contamination risks. Future City Flow was developed by DHI in Sweden and is now being piloted to confirm that similar benefits can be achieved internationally.

Multiple benefits expected
As part of the project, the City of Gold Coast will be implementing real-time control for a pilot area of its sewerage network. By implementing Future City Flow, the expected benefits for the City of Gold Coast include reduced sewerage overflows, reduced bypassing at its STPs, improved operational efficiency, improved forecasting and decision-making capabilities in response to weather events as well as a proactive response to the customer interface.

Tauranga City Council in New Zealand was also selected to receive funding to implement Future City Flow internationally, and they will be implementing Future City Flow for enhanced strategic planning. The City of Gold Coast and Tauranga City Council will work together to share benefits and experiences from the two implementations.

The total budget for both of the projects is approximately AUD 2,000,000. 

The project delivery partners include City of Gold Coast (Australia), Tauranga City Council (New Zealand), DHI (Sweden, Australia and New Zealand), Divine Robot AB (Sweden), Sweden Water Research (Sweden) and Rhetikfabriken (Sweden).

About the City of Gold Coast
The Gold Coast has a population of 600,000 and is Australia's sixth largest city. The Gold Coast has 70 km of pristine coastline, the world’s 8th world surfing reserve and approximately 10 million tourist visits annually. In addition, the Gold Coast successfully hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games.