09 Jun 2020

Delivering metocean data to support the first offshore wind project in Australia

By providing relevant insights on metocean conditions, DHI helps Australia’s first offshore wind project to come alive.

Map showing site bathymetry for the offshore wind development area © DHI

The Star of the South project is putting Australia's first offshore wind farm project on the map. Proposed to be located off the south coast of Gippsland, Victoria, the project would represent a change in the mix of Australian renewable energy sources. 

To help understand the changing aspects of complex metocean conditions, DHI was contracted by Star of the South to provide metocean data for the project. By applying DHI’s high-quality MIKE models, mesh resolution was optimised for long-term hindcast, and 40-year hindcasts of currents and waves at the project site were developed. Extreme events were also studied, and spatial extreme maps were provided to help optimise the preliminary design stages.

With the potential to supply around 20% of Victoria’s electricity needs while at the same time creating jobs and driving investments, the Star of the South project would offer many benefits and opportunities to Australia and local communities. The project is currently in the feasibility phase and operating under an exclusive exploration licence granted by the Australian Government.

Overall, the Star of the South project may involve the following main components:

  • Wind turbines and offshore substations in the ocean off the south coast of Gippsland
  • Submarine cables from the wind farm perimeter to the Gippsland coast
  • A transmission network of underground cables and substations connecting to the Latrobe Valley
  • Port upgrades to allow for construction, operation and maintenance may also be required