23 Aug 2021

Danish Minister of Transport visits DHI headquarters

Transport Minister Mr. Benny Engelbrecht met with CEO Mette Vestergaard and Yahya Abdelhady, DHI's apprentice under the Fehmarnbelt project.

The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel between Denmark and Germany will be the world’s longest immersed tunnel (18 km) once completed in 2029. But did you know the project created several hundred apprenticeship positions?

One such apprentice, Yahya Abdelhady, joined us in 2017 as part of his electronics education. His educational background and interest related to water and nature motivated him to apply.
Together with the field team, Yahya developed and maintained environmental buoys that constantly monitor the state of the marine environment during tunnel construction.

Last week, during Yahya’s last day as an apprentice, the Danish Minister of Transport, Benny Engelbrecht, visited our headquarters in Hørsholm, Denmark. Yahya explained his work and showed the minister some electronic components from the buoys.

'The visit from the minister and DHI’s CEO was an amazing way to end this chapter. I want to thank my team for helping me develop professionally. DHI was the perfect place to combine my passion for electronics with real-world experiences. I will never forget going out to sea and installing the buoys we designed and built together. It was really satisfying to see our work put into practice for such an ambitious project,’ says Yahya.
Yahya is planning to continue his education at Denmark’s Technical University to become an engineer. We wish him all the best.
In the Fehmarnbelt project, we were part of the pre-investigations (1997-1999) and EIA work (2009-2013).

Since 2014, we work as environmental consultants for Femern A/S. We help the project manage hydrography, sediments and marine biology. The resulted environmental data is part of a comprehensive monitoring program that enables Femern A/S to communicate with authorities and with other stakeholders.

The data portal is publicly available: https://aegir.femern.com/#/en