07 Feb 2022

New coastal project helps tackle climate change impacts for north coast of Egypt

DHI will be taking part in a large Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) project alongside NIRAS, covering the entire north coast of Egypt, from Libya to Gaza.

The Nile delta is a hub of economic activity, in turn leaving it vulnerable to coastal problems. A stagnant supply of fluvial sand, as a result of upstream dams has led to severe coastal erosion over the past decades. 

Over the next three years, DHI will be providing specific input on enhancing coastal resilience, reducing vulnerability to coastal erosion and flooding, as well as in mitigating the effects of the rising sea levels. The approach to solving these issues is by modelling coastal hydrodynamics and morphology, flooding and shoreline protection. 

The scope of the project includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing accurate meteorological and marine conditions
  • Establishing a coastal sediment balance along the north coast
  • Identifying areas of coastal erosions and areas at risk of flooding
  • Developing a forecast and early warning system for waves and water levels 

Berry Elfrink, Senior Coastal Engineer at DHI says:

‘An effective planning tool in form of a ICZM plan will help the Egyptian government prepare for the future. Combining years of coastal engineering experience with digital solutions will allow the country to implement measures to mitigate negative impacts of climate change and the effects of changes in the discharge and export of sediments from the Nile River. Our forecast models will be crucial for early warnings about flood risk along the entire Mediterranean coast of Egypt.’