10 Nov 2022

DHI solutions nominated for the Danish Geodata awards

DHI's solutions are once again in the running for the Danish Geodata awards, which celebrate innovative ideas of the geodata industry. The Awards are not new to DHI; its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) monitoring solution developed in collaboration with the Danish Agricultural Agency won the Jury prize last year. This year, the satellite-based solutions that have been nominated are as follows:

Solution: National soil moisture mapping
Nominated for: Jury and Audience Awards

Soil moisture is a key biophysical factor that plays a central role in the water, energy and carbon cycle. While conventional earth observation products on soil moisture have been associated with several limitations (coarse resolution, limited soil penetration, etc.) the new tool is able to assess actual soil moisture content in the entire root zone, in up to 50 m resolution. The first of its kind in Denmark, this tool will help the country better manage its land resources and is an important parameter when dealing with operational as well as environmental and climate-related issues. The solution was developed in collaboration with the Danish Environment Agency and the national dataset is publicly available from https://www.soilmoisture.io/.

Solution: Maritime risk mapping
Nominated for: Jury Award

The maritime risk mapping approach presents a novel solution to minimise the risk of navigational hazards in uncharted or poorly mapped coastal Arctic waters. Developed in collaboration with the Royal Danish Navy, this innovative solution applies a combination of free and open optical Sentinel -2 satellite data and machine learning to comprehensively map tidal zones and coastlines, as well as submerged reefs and skerries down to a depth of 9 m. The approach is automated and hence highly scalable to map coastal waters throughout the Arctic. More information is available from www.nanok.xyz.


The Geodata Awards ceremony will take place in Aalborg, Denmark on 16 November 2022.