05 Jun 2013

Positive actions for the environment – today and every day

World Environment Day is the biggest and most widely celebrated day for global positive environmental action.

World Environment Day is the biggest and most widely celebrated day for global positive environmental action. We take this as an opportunity to highlight how we – at an organisational as well as individual level – strive every day to take positive actions for the environment.

A good example of our proactive efforts at an organisational level is our collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to form the UNEP-DHI Centre for Water and Environment. The latter is a centre of expertise devoted to improving the use of freshwater resources globally (for more information, visit www.unepdhi.org).

We also make environmental protection and improvement fun through Aqua Republica – the first serious game that we launched recently. While the world of Aqua Republica is fictitious, the challenges of sustainable water resource management are based on real life scenarios. With this game, we aim to promote sustainable water resources management by engaging inquiring minds in the complex issues related to environment and ecosystems (for more information, visit www.aquarepublica.com).

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In addition to our organisational efforts, we also strive to make a difference to the environment at a personal level. Our people care about the world we live in and take steps in their everyday lives to try and make a difference.

“One of my personal projects is to co-create a community garden with my neighbours in Singapore. I was awed by a street I saw in Sydney, where food plants lined the road verges, and signages proclaimed ‘for residents, by residents’. I shared it with my neighbourhood committee and with their approval and participation, soon started doing house visits. We have covered two streets so far. We aim to reach out to the entire estate (300 houses) by emails and through Facebook.” -Pui Cuifen, Section Head (Geo.Informatics, DHI Singapore).

Cuifen sees the community garden project as a platform to build a community that is connected to one another and the environment. She hopes to raise consciousness of local food and its many benefits for individuals and for the environment (better taste, more nutrition, less need for energy, packaging, lower carbon, energy & water footprint). In the following months, she hopes to introduce composting and other sustainable ideas, to create a learning culture at the community farm.

Cuifen is just one of our many employees who take personal initiatives in their daily lives, in favour of the environment. We are certain that their efforts, in conjunction with ours as an organisation will bring about a positive change in the environment and in ecosystems globally.