19 Sep 2013

Introducing the participants for Womens Water Fund 2013

As part of the Women’s Water Fund, we welcomed eight women from developing countries working in the water sector to our headquarters on 16 September 2013.

As part of the Women’s Water Fund, we welcomed eight women from developing countries working in the water sector to our headquarters on 16 September 2013. The Fund aims to address the under-representation of women in water resources development and management. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (Danida) is a co-sponsor of this year’s Fund.

Open to those in middle management positions, the Fund helps women advance to more senior management roles. While at our main office in Hørsholm, Denmark, participants will take career development and management courses. In addition, they will meet with and visit Danish organisations working in the water sector, as well as participate in one-week internships.

Learn a bit more about the women taking part in the 2013 Fund below:

Farhana Akhter Kamal
Education: M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Water Resources Engineering)
Experience: Junior Specialist, Institute of Water Modelling, Bangladesh, 2004-present
Areas of expertise: Hydrology, flood, drainage, climate change and salinity

Lucy Jubeki Mungoni
Country: Malawi
Education: M.Sc. in Nature and Environmental Sanitation
Experience: WASH Operations Manager, World Vision, Malawi, 2011-present; Water Environmental Sanitation District Coordinator, Concern Universal, 2009-2010
Areas of expertise: Water resources management, environmental sanitation, sanitation and hygiene practices

Joyce Kibena
Country: Tanzania
Education: M.Sc. in Integrated Water Resources Management
Experience: Water and Environmental Engineer/Manager, Merrywater Limited, 2008-present
Areas of expertise: Participatory land use and natural resource evaluation, socio-environmental impact assessment, pollution control, waste management, recycling and renewable energy

Janet Atim
Country: Uganda
Education: Master of Technology in Civil Engineering (Water)
Experience: Principal Engineer – Infrastructure Planning and Design, National Water & Sewerage Corporation, 2006-present
Areas of expertise: Water and sewer network rehabilitation, water production and supply, design review and feasibility studies
Ennie Muchelemba
Education: M.Sc. in Municipal Water and Infrastructure (Water Supply Engineering)
Experience: Divisional Engineer, Nkana Water & Sewerage Company, 2006-present
Areas of expertise: Production and distribution of potable water, collection and treatment of wastewater, and water and sewerage projects
Colleta Tundu
Education: Executive Master of Business Administration
Experience: Operations Manager, Zimbabwe National Water Authority, 2005-present
Areas of expertise: Water and wastewater treatment and reticulation, design and construction of civil engineering structures, and project management
  Carol Kagaba Kairumba
Education: M.Sc. in Environment Science
Experience: Senior Wetlands Officer, Ministry of Water and Environment, 2006-present
Areas of expertise: Assessment and data management, compliance assistance, environment impact assessment, monitoring and enforcement of wetland policy, and wetland information systems

Tawina Jane Kopa-Kamanga
Country: Malawi
Education: M.Sc. in Management of Natural Resources and Sustainable Agriculture
Experience: Director, Teams Advancing Women in Irrigation and Agriculture, 2011-present; Chief Irrigation Officer, Department of Irrigation. 2004-2011
Areas of expertise: Sustainable irrigation, water use efficiency, crop productivity, and maintenance of water management systems and equipment