Spectral wave and Boussinesq wave modelling

This two-day, hands-on course teaches you the fundamentals of wave modelling and gives you an introduction on how to set up both spectral wave models using MIKE 21 SW and wave agitation models using the MIKE 21 Boussinesq Wave (BW) in 2D, for various applications. The course also helps you predict and analyse wave conditions in ports where accurate assessment of wave impact is of utmost importance.

The knowledge of the wave conditions is needed for the design of offshore, coastal and port structures where accurate assessment of wave loads is of outmost importance to the safe and economic design of these structures.

MIKE 21 SW is used for the assessment of wave climates in offshore and coastal areas. MIKE 21 SW is particularly applicable for simultaneous wave prediction and analysis on regional scale and local scale.

MIKE 21 BW module is the state-of-the-art tool for studies and analysis of short and long period wave disturbance in ports and harbours and coastal areas.


  • Introduction to wave modelling using MIKE by DHI Software
  • Theoretical background and application areas of MIKE 21 BW and MIKE 21 SW
  • MIKE 21 BW and MIKE 21 SW setup planner
  • Decision of spectral formula
  • Bathymetry/mesh generator
  • Wave generation
  • Data organisation, importing, editing and quality control
  • Wave absorption using sponge layer maps
  • Calibration techniques and model validation
  • Using the utility software of MIKE 21/3 Flow Models
  • Analysis and presentation of results, including video animation
  • Introduction to advanced applications (e.g. wave breaking)
  • Coupling MIKE 21 SW with other MIKE Powered by DHI engines
  • Overview of MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis (MIKE 21 MA)


Professionals in offshore and port engineering. It is recommended that the participants have a basic knowledge of wave hydrodynamics either through experience or through following the course 'MIKE 21/3 Flow Model HD FM - Introduction to hydrodynamic modelling using flexible mesh' prior to the course.