Using MIKE 21 FM Shoreline Morphology (SM)

This two-day, hands-on course gives you a good understanding of the capabilities of the new MIKE 21 FM Shoreline Morphology (MIKE 21 FM SM). The aim is to enable you to set up and use the shoreline model in complex coastal projects as well as elaborate on the differences between shoreline model and for instance DHI’s Littoral Processes 1D FM.

The traditional numerical tools used  for studying coastal morphology include one-line models such as Littoral Processes 1D FM and 2D models (eg MIKE 21 ST FM ). However, the development of the coastal profile is not sufficiently accurate in these models to allow the models to simulate real long-term evolution. 

The new MIKE 21 Shoreline Morphology combines the detailed 2D sediment transport fields from MIKE 21 ST FM  with a one-line description for the shoreline evolution. This enables long-term prediction of shoreline evolution in cases where 2D effects are important, e.g. for complex bathymetries or coastal structures.


  • Module 1: Introduction to MIKE 21 FM Shoreline Morphology (MIKE 21 FM SM)
    Keywords: longshore and cross-shore sediment transport processes, acute and chronic erosion problems, MIKE 21 FM SM concept
  • Module 2: Introduction to Shoreline Morphology Mesh Generator tools
    Keywords: description of Shoreline Morphology inputs, making to inputs using the Shoreline Morphology Mesh Generator tools, hands-on exercises focusing on generation of inputs and model set-up
  • Module 3: Using the Shoreline Morphology tools in practice
    Keywords: Steps in completing a study with the MIKE 21 FM SM, speeding up morphological simulations, practical examples of speeding-up simulations
  • Module 4: A Practical hands-on example: Palm Beach, Queensland


Professionals in the fields of shoreline management and planning of coastal development schemes.
Participants should preferably have a background in sediment transport and a good understanding of the coastal processes. It is an advantage but no condition that participants have followed the course ‘LITTORAL PROCESSES 1D - Modelling longshore sediment transport and coastline evolution’, ‘MIKE 21 ST FM - Sand transport using flexible mesh'‘, ‘MIKE 21 SW - Spectral wave modelling’ and ‘MIKE 21 Flow Model FM - 2D hydrodynamic modelling using flexible mesh’ prior to the course.