How to protect and develop our coasts!

The aim of this one-day, thematic course is to provide professionals involved in shoreline management with an understanding of the available tools and procedures that can help creating a sustainable management of the physical environment in the coastal zone. A one-day field trip to relevant coastal site may be included in the course programme upon request.

An increasing number of conflicts in coastal areas are caused by the extensive development of industry, infrastructure and tourism development projects. In addition, many other human activities deprive our shores of a natural supply of sand, such as coastal protection works, river regulation works, sand mining on beaches and in rivers and the on-going sea level rise.

Coastal environments are transient, continuously reshaped by the natural processes of the waves, tides, surges, erosion and deposition.


  • Introduction to shoreline management
  • Coastal processes and classification
  • Climate changes and the coastal zone
  • Causes of coastal erosion and beach degradation
  • Shore and coast protection concepts
  • Shoreline impact assessment
  • Water front developments
  • Optimisation of port layout on littoral transport coasts
  • Introduction to numerical modelling (MIKE 21 SW, LITTORAL PROCESSES FM, MIKE 21 FM Shoreline Morphology (SM))
  • A one-day field trip to relevant coastal site (optional)


Professionals in the fields of coastal consulting, master planning, and coastal administration active in the areas of shoreline management, planning of coastal development schemes and port planning. It is preferable, but no condition, that participants have a background in sediment transport investigations and a good understanding of the coastal processes.