Advanced groundwater modelling

This two-day, hands-on course aims at providing you with the skills for advanced modelling topics. Depending on the needs of the group of participants, a selection of the below topics is offered. FEFLOW is widely recognised as a comprehensive software package for subsurface flow and transport simulation.

FEFLOW unique mesh capabilities (structured and unstructured) allows you the highest degree of flexibility in to account in detail from the most simple to complex geometrical configurations. The software is used by leading research institutes, universities, consulting firms and government organisations all over the world.

FEFLOW’s scope of application ranges from simple local scale to complex large scale modelling. Application areas include water management, mine water, saltwater intrusion, geothermal energy, and variably saturated media.


  • Unsaturated-flow modelling
  • Density-dependent flow modelling
  • Heat-transport modelling, geothermal energy systems, closed/open systems
  • Fractures and discrete feature elements
  • Multi-component transport and chemical reactions
  • Introduction to IFM programming
  • Introduction to automatic model calibration with FePEST
  • Hands-on exercises


Groundwater professionals working in consulting companies, public authorities, university and research institutions. You must be acquainted with the basic functionalities of the latest FEFLOW version prior to this course, either through experience or through participation in the FEFLOW course 'Introduction to groundwater modelling'.

Upcoming Courses

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FEFLOW This two-day course aims to provide you with the skills for advanced groundwater modelling. Depending on the needs of the  participants, a selection of topics is offered. Hungary