Introduction to using MIKE SHE in mine impacted catchments

This three-day, hands-on course provides you with the skills you need for
applying MIKE SHE for fully integrated hydrologic modelling in mine impacted
catchments. The course uses specially developed hands-on exercises supported
by lectures on theory and relevant practical aspects.

MIKE SHE is widely recognised as a comprehensive software package for fully
integrated, dynamic simulation of catchment hydrology. MIKE SHE uniquely
integrates groundwater and surface water, along with unsaturated flow,
evapotranspiration, overland flow and river hydraulics. The software is used by
leading research institutes, universities, consulting firms and government
organisations all over the world.

MIKE SHE can be used across a wide range of scales; from simple local-scale to
complex large-scale modelling. MIKE SHE has been used across the Life of Mine
- from feasibility to closure. Specific applications include mine water
management, mine hydrology, mine water balance, climate change and
environmental impact assessment, conjunctive use of groundwater and surface
water, flood risk mitigation, and closure planning.


  • Integrated hydrology in mining catchments
  • MIKE SHE and its graphical user interface
  • Detailed discussion of catchment processes:
    • Overland flow and runoff
    • Stream hydraulics and groundwater-surface water interaction
    • Evapotranspiration, unsaturated flow and recharge
    • Groundwater flow
  • Data requirements and calibration
  • Typical applications in mine impacted catchments
  • Hands-on exercises based on mining examples


Mining professionals working on groundwater and surface water simulation in consulting companies, public authorities, university and research institutions. Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of groundwater, surface water and hydrology processes. Prior experience with groundwater or surface water modelling is helpful, but not required.