An IWRM and Climate Change Adaptation Practitioners Course

This three-day thematic course teaches you how to analyse, formulate, and implement water policies, plans and programmes using an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach. The course focuses on tools to implement IWRM – the enabling environment, institutional roles and management instruments. The aim of the course is to enhance your ability to undertake IWRM with special reference to catchment (watershed, river basin) management and ecosystems.

Within management instruments the emphasis is on the MIKE Powered by DHI modelling tools for building decision support systems (eg MIKE INFO, MIKE OPERATIONS, MIKE HYDRO). The requirements related to climate change, vulnerability and risk management are considered and international cases studies and lessons are drawn upon.

IWRM is a coordinated approach to land and water resources management at international (transboundary), national and at local scales. The global use of water for households, industries and irrigation is growing and to meet the needs there is a demand for better understanding of water resources and for sharing water more efficiently among different groups of users.


  • IWRM and Climate Change, concepts and approaches (GWP ToolBox)
  • IWRM implementation aspects
  • Management  tools, models and  their application
  • Information and decision support  systems  
  • River basin, transboundary water management and modelling
  • Climate change and adaptation options
  • Establish challenges and set priorities using the Water Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix (RIAM)
  • How to take the principles from IWRM into the MIKE modelling tools for building decision support systems (eg MIKE INFO, MIKE OPERATIONS, MIKE HYDRO)
  • Demonstration and use of Aqua Republica – a serious game for the promotion of participatory water resources management
  • IWRM, ecosystem approaches and environmental flows


Water resource professionals including water managers, water resource engineers, hydrologists, hydro-geologists and water resource modellers. Participants are expected to have previous experience with water management and/or hydrology.