Introduction to river basin modelling

This two-day, hands-on course gives you an overview of the capabilities of MIKE HYDRO Basin and how it can be used create models for river basin management and reservoir operations. In addition to the basic content, the course includes a number of optional modules that may be appropriate depending on the level of experience and needs of course participants (see below).

River basin planning and management addresses the efficient use of available water resources given environmental, economic and social objectives and constraints. This can be facilitated by a decision support tool that links hydrological, engineering, water quality, agronomic, and other information in an integrated framework.

MIKE HYDRO Basin is a multi-purpose, map-centric decision support tool for integrated river basin analysis, planning and management. MIKE HYDRO Basin is designed for analysing water use at the river basin level.  A mathematical representation of the river basin is defined including the configuration of river and reservoir systems, catchment hydrology and water user schemes. Optional modules are available for more detailed representation of irrigation, rainfall-runoff processes, river routing, surface water-groundwater interaction, and water quality processes.


  • Introduction to the MIKE HYDRO Basin modelling framework
  • Introduction to model design
  • Operational framework and water user allocation rules
  • Reservoir operating rules and hydropower modelling
  • Result presentation and analysis
  • Groundwater and river routing modelling (optional)
  • Detailed irrigation demand and management analysis (optional)
  • Hydrological modelling (optional)
  • Water quality modelling (optional)
  • Use of scripting for modelling and input/output processing (optional)
  • Hands-on exercises


Professionals in water resources planning and management in public and private sectors, who wish to obtain a general understanding of MIKE HYDRO Basin and its capabilities in developing powerful and efficient water resources models with MIKE HYDRO Basin.