Advanced hydrodynamic modelling

The aim of this two-day, hands-on course is to enhance your skills in developing more advanced river models for flood plain studies, irrigation systems, and complex river networks with hydraulic structures and advanced control of operational gates, etc.

The more advanced computational features of MIKE HYDRO River allows you to build complex models used for e.g. Quasi 2D flood modelling, modelling of advanced composite structures from combined standard structures or to simulate dynamic structures like dam-breaks or operational structures.

MIKE HYDRO River covers a wide range of application areas such as structure and reservoir operations, flooding, flood forecasting and flood management, water quality, dam break analysis, pollution transport and salinity intrusion in rivers, canals, wetlands and other water bodies. The wide range of add-on modules allows you to build your own personal river modelling tool box.


  • MIKE HYDRO River 
  • Simple and complex hydraulic structures including operation and control 
  • Flood plain modelling and mapping 
  • Model calibration  
  • Model stability
  • Introduction to rainfall-runoff modelling and coupling to the hydrodynamic river model
  • Tips and tricks (modelling performance, tools)
  • Examples and case studies
  • Integrated modelling with MIKE HYDRO River 
  • Hands-on exercises


Professionals who wish to enhance their skills in order to develop advanced 
hydrodynamic river model applications. Participants must be acquainted with the basic functionalities of MIKE HYDRO River prior to the course either through experience or through participation in the MIKE HYDRO River course  'Introduction to river and channel modelling'.

Upcoming Courses

25-27 Nov
3 days
MIKE HYDRO RIVER This three-day course gives you an introduction to the capabilities of the MIKE HYDRO River modelling system in order to enable you to set up and run basic river models with MIKE HYDRO River. India