Rainfall-Runoff modelling

The main focus of this two-day, hands-on course is to teach you to apply the functions of the NAM model. However, the course also introduces you to  the other models within the RR module, address the typical problems you  face in hydrological modelling and assist you in selecting the appropriate model for each project you are involved in.

The RR module of MIKE HYDRO includes various models and methods to estimate catchment runoff from rainfall. The main tool is the NAM model, which is a lumped, conceptual rainfall-runoff model, well proven under all climatic conditions around the world. 

Traditional applications of the RR module include extension of stream flow series for design purposes, flood forecasting, and prediction of reservoir inflow. The easy application of the MIKE  HYDRO RR module has expanded its use to also include other types of hydrological analyses.


  • Introduction to hydrological modelling
  • Data requirements
  • Introduction to MIKE HYDRO RR and Catchments GUI 
  • Mean Area Weighting of precipitation
  • Theoretical aspects of the NAM model
  • Snowmelt modelling using the NAM model
  • Automatic calibration
  • Trouble-shooting advice
  • Interface with hydrodynamic modelling
  • Hands-on exercises


Professionals in water resources planning and management.
It is an advantage that participants are acquainted with the functionalities and operations of MIKE HYDRO River prior to the course either through practice or through completion of the MIKE HYDRO River course 'Introduction to river and channel modelling'.