Integrated catchment modelling

This three-day, hands-on course covers the physical and modelling aspects of all the processes in the hydrological cycle. It provides hands-on experience with MIKE SHE's easy to use, model independent graphical user interface, as well as time for discussion related to hydrologic projects relevant to the participants.

MIKE SHE is the most widely used software for fully coupled and fully integrated surface water and groundwater modelling. MIKE SHE includes process models for overland flow, unsaturated flow, vegetation-based evapotranspiration, groundwater flow, fully dynamic channel flow and integrated water quality.

MIKE SHE is being used in real projects around the world to solve engineering problems across the full hydrological spectrum- from detailed wetland studies to basin-wide water resource management studies to real-time flood forecasting. Embedded in MIKE SHE is DHI's world renowned hydrodynamic river model, MIKE HYDRO River.


  • Available codes for integrated groundwater/surface water modelling
  • Hydrological processes simulated by MIKE SHE
  • Mechanisms used to couple the hydrological processes
  • Hydraulic flow modelling in streams and rivers using MIKE HYDRO River
  • Integrated water quality modelling in MIKE SHE
  • Pitfalls of integrated groundwater/surface water modelling
  • How to set up and run a model in MIKE SHE and MIKE HYDRO River
  • How to evaluate results of an integrated groundwater/ surface water model
  • Calibration strategies for an integrated model
  • Hands-on exercises


Professional groundwater and water resources modellers who want to expand their modelling experience to include all the processes in the hydrological cycle. The course is also aimed at new users of MIKE SHE who want to quickly get up to speed on integrated groundwater/surface water modelling. Prior experience with MIKE SHE or surface water modelling would be an asset, but is not required.