Long Term Statistics (LTS) modelling of collection systems

This one-day, hands-on course gives you a detailed insight into Long Term Statistics (LTS) modelling of collection systems. The aim is to enable you to analyse and exploit LTS results.

MIKE URBAN CS is a GIS-based software system for the data management and modelling of surface runoff, flows, water quality and sediment transport in urban catchments and collection systems. It provides a complete and effective working environment for sophisticated storm water drainage and waste water systems in separate and combined systems.

Assessment of the performance of the systems is often required by local environmental authorities or national design criteria, for example in terms of number of overflows. Statistical assessment of the number of overflows or other parameters exceeding a threshold value can be done using the MIKE URBAN LTS.


  • The concept of a Long Term Statistics simulation
  • Definition of the simulated period (creation of the appropriate Job List)
  • Setting up the result types expected
  • Setting up a Long Term Statistics simulation in MIKE URBAN
  • Visualisation and presentation of the LTS results in MIKE View
  • Presentation of case studies
  • Hands-on exercises


Professionals who wish to enhance their skills to include the capability to undertake projects involving the assessment of Long Term Statistics (LTS).

This course is offered as an extension to the course 'MIKE URBAN CS - Introduction to modelling of collection systems'. Participants must be acquainted with the basic functionalities of MIKE URBAN CS either through experience or through the participation in the MIKE URBAN CS introductory course prior to the course.