Our trainers

Global knowledge delivered locally

We have more than 200 highly skilled trainers and facilitators located at our offices worldwide. They are all experienced professionals, many of whom are recognised international experts in their individual fields.

Our trainers have a thorough knowledge of local markets and regulations. They provide training tailored to your needs and help you develop skills and build expertise in your language whenever and wherever you need it.

Our trainers advise you on which training scheme to adopt in order to meet your specific needs and preferences.

You always have a trusted advisor at hand!

Our clients say

The trainer did an excellent job with that session. He went through the examples at a pace that made it possible to keep up with him. He took our many questions comfortably in stride, and he certainly showed the depth of knowledge that he needed to deal with explaining the program and answering our questions. That was probably the best training session of its kind that I have ever encountered.

Global Resource Engineering (GRE) Ltd., Colerado, USA